Imagination ≠ Reality

I’m having to come to terms with my personality.

I love to help others and would go out of my way to help someone, but I don’t help myself and don’t ask for help from others.

I do my best to be friends with everyone I meet, but I have no way to control if someone likes me or not.

I attempt to understand where everyone comes from and wrap my mind around various viewpoints, but I can’t expect everyone else to have the same open mind.

I trust people when it comes to getting work done, but it’s hard to trust people when it comes to personal connections.

With every positive, a negative appears. For every action, an equal and opposite reaction.

The world is not perfect, but the imperfections make for perfect moments.

I’ve got room to improve. The hardest thing is seeing everything for what it is, not for what I wish it to be.

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